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We manufacture camera tripods that telescope to 20 feet and are safely controlled from ground level.  Filming from height allows you and your players to see what is really important, how plays develop and players actions in space.  From a coaching standpoint the best view is not usually from the sidelines but from the ends of the field, unfortunately most fields do not have stands to film from the long end.  With our portable tripods you can now get the vantage point you need safely and cost effectively.  Our tripods are first and foremost a coaching tool.  Players learn most effectively by seeing exactly what they are doing, from mechanics to positioning.  If this were not the case, professional athletes wouldn't spend so many hours reviewing film on an almost daily basis.

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The video shows you step by step how to use our tripods and put all the components together in the easiest way.

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Several years ago I was the Head Lacrosse Coach at Long Beach State and while at the annual coaches meeting I had a discussion with a fellow coach that told me that we needed to film our practices and games.  The key he told me was to film from up high, because you can only see the plays develop from  that vantage point. 

I had been in the manufacturing sector for over 20 years and decided to make something that was easy enough for my players to set up and light enough to carry across campus, from the parking structure to our field.  It needed to be self contained because we had no power available on our field and rugged because it needed to stand up to the torture my players would put it through.

Finally, it had to be made in our facility in the United States and be affordable.  I think we have achieved those goals and it appears our clients agree, since they keep recommending us to their peers.  In 3 short years we have sold hundreds of tripods to clients across the United States, Mexico, Canada, England, Sweden, and Kenya.  Now, with those same clients input, we keep working on new features and options to make our product better so you get better results!  Thank you for reading this and we look forward to seeing one of our tripods on the field working for you!

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This is a still from a game film and it was shot from behind the opposite goal.  With the proper camcorder, you can get shots like this!

Designed by a coach for coaches.

Developed with in season college athletes.

Really easy to use but you do need to practice.

Can be set up in minutes and taken down in minutes, but again you need to practice.

Made in America with 99% US content.

The best way for us to meet your needs is to talk to you directly and if you send us an inquiry via this from, we will not only respond but also call you.  Every customers needs are different and we want to make sure that we are providing you with exactly what you need.

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Our Solid Surface Wheel Option can help you keep your camera in the best position to get the best video.

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